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Durham Pro Bono Society Information Evening

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Thanks for the great turnout on Monday! It was great to see all of you and we hope it was useful for you!

Here’s the link for the powerpoint slides:…/1bb7-4nqSkSDqUge4X7vuM6JZL…/view…

Details on the application procedure and other useful information have also been sent to all those who are on the mailing list.

The process of application is as follows: 1) Apply for the projects you are interested in. Applications must be sent to the relevant Project Director, not the general Pro Bono address. 2) The selection process will begin. 3) You will learn about the outcome of which project you get into. 4) Subscribe to the DUPS membership, either 10 pounds per year or 25 pounds for life.

You can sign up for DUPS and pay your membership through the DSU website:

Only pay for membership after you got accepted to one of the projects. Please note that due to limited spaces within each project, paid membership does not itself guarantee a place in your chosen project.

Don't hesitate to message or e-mail us if you have any general questions, or contact the PDs on any Project-specific enquiries.

Good luck with your applications!

Durham Pro Bono Society Exec 2018/2019

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